Brandeis Swing Dance


When and where do the Swingers meet?
      We meet on Tuesday nights in the Gosman mat room.  Lessons begin at 9 PM and Troupe starts around 9:30 PM.

Do I need to have experience to come to Swing lessons?
      Absolutely not!  We are extremely beginner-friendly and we invite Swingers of all levels to join us.

What about experience levels for Troupe?
      Troupe, our performance group, is also open to beginners, but we strongly recommend that you take lessons prior to joining, or
      simultaneously, if you would like to perform choreographed routines with us.

Do I need to bring a dance partner?
      Nope!  We don't require that anyone bring a partner.  (But we do love when you bring more people along!)

What kind of Swing do you do?
      We focus mostly on East Coast Swing, but we teach a few Charleston moves as well.

Why should I come dance with the Swingers?
      To be blunt, we're a really awesome club.  We have tons of fun and we do some extremely cool things.  Whether you just want to learn
      the basic steps, or you're down for some flips, dips, and lifts, Swing is definitely the place to go!

Where can I learn more?
      Visit our page on Facebook:
      And feel free to contact one of our board members with any questions!